Adidas Kevin, Appalachia and Tears on a Train…

My friend, Kevin O’ Shea, has been producing a podcast, Just Japan, for about a year now and he’s built up quite a following. Kevin and I met about ten years while teaching English in Goyang, a small city in the shadows of the DMZ in the Republic of Korea. Eventually, Kevin moved to the southern tip of the Korean peninsula, the city of Busan, where he met a Japanese woman and ended up getting married to her. These days, the two of them are raising a family in his wife’s native homeland of Japan where Kevin teaches at an international school. Having a passion for media as well as education, Kevin first began posting videos about life in Japan a couple of years ago and then started podcasting (check out Kevin’s blog on WordPress for more of his videos and podcasts). Although his podcast typically deals with issues about daily life in Japan, a few days ago Kevin was kind enough to have me on as guest to help me get the the word out about my fundraising trek. During the interview, which clocked in at about an hour and a half, we discussed a wide variety of topics. In terms of the Appalachian Trail, we went over my reasons for thru-hiking, the preparation such an endeavor requires as well as Nick Nolte’s upcoming role as an annoying fat-ass in “A Walk in the Woods”. However, the conversation also veered into other interesting topics as well such our lives in Korea and what brought each of us there many years ago. Grab yourself a bevy, sit down in a comfy chair and have a listen to the interview below:

Also, here’s the trailer for the movie, “A Walk in the Woods”. The plot is based upon Bill Bryson’s book of the same name which has acted as an introduction to the Appalachian Trail for a large number of people, many of whom go on to attempt to thru-hike it just like me.


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