8 days away!

Hello everyone! Sorry, I have been so quiet as of late. Things have been hectic since I’ve returned from Iceland, mostly getting things ready for the condo sale. However, it looks like I’ll have a deal in place before I start my hike which is a huge relief. Definitely wasn’t looking forward to having to deal with offers/counteroffers, etc. while hiking. So hopefully, now that the papers have been signed, the sale goes through without a hitch.

I’ve also decided to use the Big Agnes Fly Creek Ultralight 1 tent as my shelter on the AT. For the most part, I thought the REI Quarter Dome 1 (my original choice) was a solid tent, however, there were two issues that caused me to make the switch. When the tent was pitched, one of the poles stuck out at an awkward angle right over the door of the tent. It wasn’t concern over losing an eye a la Melben that worried me as the end of the pole was covered with an attachment. Instead, since the pole structure was so odd, it always took me longer than I would have liked to set up the tent. Now before you start thinking I’m vying for a gold at the Tent Speed Pitching Championships, ‘dI just rather not spend an extra minute or two in the pouring rain because my tent has a funky pole structure. Speaking of rain, my other gripe with the tent was that rain cover hung too loosely on one side when you attached it to the tent. Therefore, you always had to use guylines to pitch the rain fly taut. Otherwise, water would pool up on the floor on that one side, even in a light steady rain. Since I can expect many wet nights on the AT, I decided a change was necessary. I know it’s risky bringing a tent you haven’t tested on a thru-hike. However, I did a lot of research before making my decision and I feel confident in my choice. (Also, I’m hoping to try it out one night before I leave).

So, everything’s still on schedule. July 1st-2nd, I travel to Millinocket and then Baxter State Park. July 3rd, I summit Katahdin. Depending how sore I am, July 4th or 5th, I head south and begin the thru hike. In the next day or two, I’ll be publishing a post about my trail name, The Ginger Beard Man. Also, I’ll be working on my menu for the first 11-12 days of the hike, including the week I’ll spend in the 100 Mile Wilderness. Therefore, I’m also going write a piece about the thought process that goes into that and some of the other considerations I need to make when I go into town to resupply. Happy trails!

One last leisurely hike (on Mt. Mondadnock) with my friend Dave before I depart

One last leisurely hike (on Mt. Mondadnock) with my friend Dave before I depart

2 Comments on “8 days away!

  1. Can’t believe your trek is almost here! Best of luck with your new tent. Sounds like you made a good choice ditching the other one. Although a picture of you & Melben in matching eye patches would have been epic. Maybe you should don one just for show!


    • I can….by the near heart attacks I have on a daily basis. I like your idea of matching eye patches. I’ll try to procure one before my departure!


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