Southbound and down…sorta

Sorry for not updating the blog in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s been tough getting access to a computer in northern Maine and I actually had to get off trail to resolve some serious issues that came up during the sale of my parents’ condo. However, I have completed about 120 miles of the trail, including the notorious 100 Mile Wilderness. I’ll be posting a couple longer updates in the next few days to describe my first 11 days on the trail. In the meantime, here’s a few words I posted on Facebook about my experience in the 100 Mile Wilderness as well as the requisite Katahdin summit pic.

Last summer, I went on an 8 day trek to Alaska that pushed me to my limits. The past 2 weeks in Maine pushed me past my limits. The 100 Mile Wilderness is considered the most difficult stretch of the AT and the only way out is to hike or an embarrassing call to someone in Millinocket or Monson to come get you on one of the logging roads that traverse it because you couldn’t hack it. For northbounders, it’s one last obstacle to conquer. For us, southbounders, it’s trial by fire. There were several times when I asked myself “Is this worth it?” The sweat’s pouring down your face. Mosquitoes are stinging you in parts of your body that you can’t even reach. A black fly just stung you near the eye. And this goddamn backpack feels like an angry chimpanzee hanging on your back. Suddenly, you slip on slick slate and fall hard.  Is this worth it? YES! Each and every time the answer was a resounding Yes! Because…for every tough mile, there’s two mountain vistas that are so beautiful they’ll nearly bring you to tears. Because…your parents raised you to be made of sterner stuff. Because….this hike is bigger than just me.


3 Comments on “Southbound and down…sorta

    • Thanks! While checking out your blog, I noticed that you taught English in South Korea just like I did. Your pictures of hiking in Korea brought a big smile to my face since that was where I truly began to develop my deep love for mountains.

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      • How great! I too loved my adventures there and hope to get back there again to explore more of the mountains. What a beautiful country! I look forward to reading more of your adventures in the future.


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