Through Hiking? No, I’m Still Thru Hiking!

I know, my Ginger Beard Maniacs, I know. I’ve failed miserably in keeping my promise to keep you updated I won’t placate you with any more apologies. It’s been an amazing and difficult few months. Ive had to get off trail a few times, most recently due to some pain in my heel. At several points, it looked like I might have to call the whole thing off.

Well, although I’m more than a month behind schedule, you can rest assured, I’m not through hiking, I’m still thru hiking. Starting today with the first installment of my 100 Mile Wilderness, I will be finally getting you guys up to speed with a series of updates. (And I promise you wont have to wait three months for the next one!) Currently, I’m in Pinkham Notch and this afternoon I begin my traverse of the Presedential Range of the White Mountains.

“What about the snow?”

“What about the cold?”

“Well, do you still plan to finsh?”

From NOBOs to townspeople to even members of my own family, these have been the common responses when people discover I’m still thru hiking so late in the season. Well, perhaps when others might throw in the towel and be through hiking, your man, Ginger Beard, is still plugging away. Aye, there will be snow. Aye, there will be bitter cold. And I’ll deal with that when the time arises. Right now, I’m just focused on safely making it through the Whites. However, in answer to that last question…yes, I do plan to finish. Unless this body of mine fails, I’m going to continue walking towards Springer Mountain.

So please read the 100 Mile Wilderness update when you get a chance. If you like what you see, please share it with a friend. If you really like what you see, I strongly encourage you to take a look at my Crowdrise page (Click here) and make a donation.

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