The Green Hoof


I know, my Ginger Beard Maniacs, I know. I’ve failed miserably in keeping my promise to keep you updated I won’t placate you with any more apologies. It’s been an amazing and difficult few months. Ive had to get off trail a few times, most recently due to some pain in my heel. At several points, it looked like I might have to call the whole thing off. Well, although I’m more… Read More

July 15th Snapping awake, I sat up and nearly smacked my head on the low ceiling above the bed. My mouth was drier than a Gobi sand dune which could only mean one thing…I had a great time last night but was in for a world of pain today. Memories of yesterday’s events slowly flowed into my mind.

As you can tell by the title of the post, instead of being a few days into my thru-hike attempt, I’m still in Boston. “What happened?”, I hear you ask. [Pretends not to hear that you actually grumbled, “Who gives a shit?”] Well, last week, I found myself becoming increasingly more frantic as I made a mad dash to finish all that needed to be done before I left.  As the stress… Read More

Since Earl Shaffer first hiked the entire Appalachian Trail in 1948, the number of people who attempt to follow in his footsteps has grown greatly every year. As the numbers have increased, thru-hiking the AT has developed its own subculture as well as certain traditions, both common and controversial. Of the latter, there is the practice of “mooning the cog” in which hikers bare their butt cheeks to the Cog Railway train… Read More

Hello everyone! Sorry, I have been so quiet as of late. Things have been hectic since I’ve returned from Iceland, mostly getting things ready for the condo sale. However, it looks like I’ll have a deal in place before I start my hike which is a huge relief. Definitely wasn’t looking forward to having to deal with offers/counteroffers, etc. while hiking. So hopefully, now that the papers have been signed, the sale… Read More